Nike Blazer

Nike Blazers have been through the years and have had a revival over the last few years. What started as a basketball/sports shoe has crossed over to the sports fashion stage. What was once worn with a basketball outft is now a key addition to your favourite pair of tracksuit bottoms or Jeans.
The blazer was born in 1972 and quickly became famous due to its on court presence in the Basketball Pro & College leagues in Amercia. Most of the Blazers then were all leather uppers due to the high demands of the sport and have been updated with an array of upper materials including suede & nubuck. The style has stayed the same but moving on from just the Hi-top design Nike now offer Nike Blazers in Hi-Top and Low Top designs, but keeping the core model of trademark Swoosh logo to side and vintage treatment midsole that has made the Nike Blazer so iconic. At A&A Sports we have a great selection of Mens, Womens & Kids Nike Blazer Trainers in a variety of colours and cuffs with the same characteristics from the early Nike Blazer releases for a great Sports Fashion look no matter what age.