Dan Carter Supertee

The most used Kicking tee on the planet the 'Supertee' is used by the worlds best to kick for points glory and has the backing by two of the best Rugby Kickers in history Daryl Halligan & Dan Carter. Daryl Halligan nicknamed the 'Super Boot' was the first rugby player to break a world record by Kicking a consecutive 30 Goalkicks and the first NRL player in history to score over 2000 points in his career in the NRL. With this use of his patented Rugby Supertee hi kicked an average of 85% in goals and became the number one player for Kicking goals. Another represetative of the Supertee is Dan Carter. The New Zealand Captain and the highest points scorer in test history, if he puts his name to something then you know its a sure thing and you can see him pulling out a patented Supertee when going for goal. With one of the best goal kicking techniques in history and a Supertee like no other no wonder he scores so many points for hi team. Shop the Fill Dan Cater & Daryl Halligan Supertee collection at A&A Sports with its trademark Green colour and standout style on pitch with a great range of styles to suit the kicker of any style and ability.