Running Trainers Manchester

for all you runners in manchester that are looking for the perfect pair of running trainers stop looking.  A&A Sports inmanchester has a great range of Mens, Womens & kids running trainers from top running trainer brands including Nike, Adidas & Asics at low prices to ensure you are always one step ahead of the running competition.  With so many local races in and around manchester it is staggering that over 75% of them are not too sure whih running trtainer they shoul be wearing.  With our easy 4 step wet test you can find our how your foot works and what are the best and most comfortable running trauners for you.  You dont even have to come into our manchester shop to find the perfect pair of running trainers as this simple yet effectie test can be done at home wth simply a bit of water and a piece of paper. A simple 4 step procedure can offer the vital imformation to guide you in what footwear is best for runners and more importantly to see how your feet act when running and walking.  step one is to pur a shallow amount of water onto a tray or bucket, step 2 dip your foot into the water, step 3 place your wet foot onto a piece of paper and step 4 observe the mark that the wet patch leaves to determine the way that your foot acts incontact to the floor and whch pair of running traners that your will need.  

There are typically 3 types of running rainers and our manchester sports shp stock them in abundence.  We have The most common type of footprint which requires structured running trainers.  Also known as a mornal or medium arch.  If you see about half of your arch, you have the most common foot type and are considered a normal pronator. When the arch collapses inward, this "pronation" absorbs shock. As a normal pronator, you can wear just about any shoe but may be best suited to a stability shoe that provides moderate arch support as the foot naturally offers shock absorbsion with the way that the arch supports the foot. and not as much shock absorbsion is needed as is generated naturally.. Lightweight runners with normal arches may prefer neutral-cushioned shoes without any added support, or even a performance-training shoe that offers some support but less heft, for a faster feel.  Our manchester shop stock a grear range of Mens, Womens & Kids running trainers incuding the ever popular Asics GT-100 & GT-2000 Running Trainers, the Nike Lunarglide which is nike plus compatible and many more running trainers for the runner wanign structured suport.

Our next type of running trainer is the Neutral running trainer. One of the least common types of footprint, this print means that you are a Under Pronator or suprinator.  This means that due to the high arch in the foot which can result in too much shock traveling up your legs as your arch does not collapse and give way for the shock to be absorbed.  Due to this underpronators are best suited to neutral running trainers that have more cushioning with a softer midsole to encourage pronation. It's vital that an underpronator's shoes have no added stability devices to reduce or control pronation, as this will not result in the foot being able to absorb the shock when the foot makes contact with the floor underneath. Our manchester Sports Shop hosts a wide range of Neutral running trainers including the Adidas Duramo, Nike Air Pegasus, Asics Gel Pulse running trainer and many more.

Last but not least is a relatively newcomer to the running raner game and always on top of sports our manchester shop has these also.  Barefoot running trainers are a little different than the conventional running trainer and are for the runner that wants a totally natural feel when running. Barefoot running trainers have no added stability and no added cushioning areas to the sole plate that gives a natural running feel that puts less pressure on certain areas of the foot.If you are looking for something a bit more natural why not check out our Barefoot running trainers as thesse give you a free feel as if you are running with no shoes on and are super Lightweight and flexible.  A&A Sports are always pushing the oundaries of sports and our sports shop stocks new barefoot running trainers including the ever popular Nike Free running trainer range for a totally barefoot feel. 

If you want to fnd the right running trainer and love to run in manchester then A&A Sports is the stop for your next running fix as we have up to 75% off mens, womens & kids running rainers in our manchester sports shop for the very best in running trainer.

If you are looking for the latest asics running trainers in manchester then you have come to the right place as our manchester shop houses the latest asics running rainers for men, women and kids that want a running trainer to suit their exact specifications and needs, Asics running rainers are built with the latest technologies and are always trying to push the pace of runs for elite athletes and beginners.  Our manchester shop houses some of the best asis running traner styles that are built in with asics innovative gel cushioning tech for extra shock absorbsion and cushioning but are being pushed to new levels with added AHAR rubber, Duo max forams, extra light fabrics and many more and are built into the staple asis running trainer styles that we house in our running section of our store. We stock the latest Asics Gel Galaxy running trainers, GT 1000 / GT 2000 , Asics Gel Pulse, Kayano & even the beginners Patriot that is still one of Asics best sellers.

So you Like the sound of asics but have always had a nike running trainer....then why change as A&A Sports in manchester has some of the most innovative nike runninh trainers on the planet.  Nike running trainers have aken giant leaps since their early birth in the 1970's and have some of the best technologies and is whay nike are known for and brought nike air to the masses.  Some of nike's nechnologies are so futuristic and ahead of their game no one sees them coming and have built up a great portfolio of must have nike running tainers and they can be seen all around our manchester store in a variety of colours and sizes and we stock the latest Nike Air Pegasus, lunarglide, nike free running trainers, dual fusion and lenty more for runners of all abilities to wear while wearing the Nike swoosh logo with atletes pride.

 so your allegiance is not with nike but their rivals adidas....then happy days as we have them too. Emblazoning the 3 stripes with pride adidas have been one of the most long standing sports brands on the market and their roots into running spans decades.  A&A Sports in manchester is proud of this and have put together a great selection of adidas running trainers that have seen a ong standing relationship with running trainer technologies and have seen the emergence of ClimaCool, to the highly anticipated Boost range and can be seen worn by many of Great Britain and the worlds elite runners and athletes who wear the adidas running rainer with pride and sit amongst the best running trainers in our manchester shop.

Thats a little insight into our range of running trainers in our manchester sports shop so if you are ever in the area pop in as one of our running trainers in our manchester shop are sure to knock minutes off your PB!